XinHe Foundation is a national private foundation (formerly XinPing Foundation) approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in September 2008.

XinHe Foundation basically funds and supports the growth of social entrepreneurs, which focusing on children's reading and scholarly campus; 0-3 years inclusive early childhood development; college students and youth public welfare fields.

In addition, XinHe Foundation also pay attention on "Ming Xin bridge", student loans and other public welfare projects.



Help young people and children enjoy fair reading and learning opportunities, as well as promote the balanced development of education in China.



1. Equality: Equal cooperation, mutual assistance and mutual love;

2. Honest: Be honest and walk the talk;

3. Transparency: Self-disciplined and highly transparent.


Core Projects:

1. Children's Reading and Scholarly Campus:

We advocate public welfare and educational organizations to actively cooperate in the field of children's reading promotion; donate quality books to primary and middle schools in rural and poor areas; improve teachers' abilities, and assist these areas and schools in vigorously promoting the popularization and development of children's reading.

2. 0-3 Years Inclusive Early Childhood Development:

By cooperating with government, enterprises, public welfare organizations, academic groups and other forces to help families in rural and urban low-income communities to improve their parenting behaviors. As a result, 0-3 years children can obtain fair and happy development opportunities.

3. College Students and Youth Public Welfare Action:

Xinhe Encourage college students to take active part in public welfare activities and volunteer services, enhance their sense of social responsibility and public welfare action. We Try to find and cultivate creative young leaders with excellent professional spirit and public welfare feelings.


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